Delhi Dialogue’s 10th edition helded in New Delhi

The 10th edition of the Delhi Dialogue (DDX) was held in New Delhi and the Union Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj hosted it. The theme of this edition was “Strengthening the Indo-Asian Maritime Cooperation”. This was the first major event after the ASEAN-India Memorial Summit held in New Delhi in January 2004.

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Key Facts
DD-X was organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MEA) in partnership with research and information systems for developing countries (RIS). It witnessed participation of political leadership, policy makers, senior officials, diplomats, business leaders, think-tanks and academics of India and Asia member countries. The chief ministers of north-eastern States were also invited to participate in the program. DD-X included six full and four parallel sessions, with each level had open discussions.
Delhi Dialogue
The Delhi Dialogue is the premier annual program for discussing political-security, economic and socio-cultural partnerships between India and the Southeast Asian Nations (Asia). It has been held annually from 2009 and participates in discussions related to political leaders, policy makers, senior officials, diplomats, muse tanks and educationist of both sides ‘ ASEAN-India relations. Its aim is to enhance the scope of cooperation between India and ASEAN countries and aim to expand expansion. Theme of the Ninth edition of the dialog “Asia-India Relations: Charting the course for the next 25 years” Was It marked the 25th anniversary of the ASEAN-India Partnership.
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