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Jharkhand Board 10th Result @ jac.nic.in year 2017

Jharkhand Academy Council came into existence in 2000 and is
responsible for providing education to all its students. 
It is responsible for the Madhava and Madrasa examinations
in the state. The results have been successfully processed 
for this year's examinations.Jharkhand's 10th result is an
important milestone in any student's educational career 
because it is motivated to move them towards greater education
and knowledge. Results of Jharkhand (JAC) 10th announces on 
May 20, 2017, on Vishwarootsutas Annex and Jack.Jharkhand.Gov.
these websites
This result is also a symbol of the next important beginning 
of the students' career. JAC Class 10 exam was held from 
February 24 to March 1. Due to the closing of assembly elections
in five states, board results of other states and boards have
already been delayed. Although it can be said that this failure
board can have an impact on another delay of results, but we 
hope that this will not happen.
4.95 lakh students are eagerly awaiting the results that 
will tell in the future how they live in life. However, 
we believe that the matriculation results of the Jharkhand 
Board will be announced in the third week of May so that 
students can follow their next course of education and 
follow their line of interest.
JAC 10th Result – Last year’s Official Data
Total students 4.7 Lakhs
Total Passed 317655
Overall pass percentage 67.54%
Pass percentage of Boys 57.04%
Pass percentage of Girls 71.92%

Jharkhand Board 10th Result @ jac.nic.in

This year, the Jharkhand Academy Council is expecting students
to perform better in the state and is also performing well.
For the 2015-2016 session, Vikas Chaudhary remained top in 
the matriculation examination in 2016 with 96.2 percent. 
Experts believe that students of this year will reach a new
 milestone and will record more records after breaking all 
previous records.
Year Total Pass Percentage
2016 67.54%
2015 71.20%
2014 75.30%
2013 73.15%
The passing percentage is declining for the past few years.
In 2013, it was 71 percent, when it reached the highest 
level of 75 percent in 2014 and it fell below 71 percent in
While year 2016 was also a failed year where students did 
not see well in comparative meters in their counterparts 
in earlier years. It fell to a new low of 67%.
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Teachers and officials expect this year's results to be 
good again as students have actually worked this year to 
achieve new goals from last year. A trail letter is often
 a symbol of the immediate future of a student - he goes 
to the next school, the next section is worthy to choose 
and that profession which is best for that person and so 
on and so forth.
Therefore, teachers take extra time to correct point letters
with great caution to avoid any mistakes or discrepancies, 
because it can affect the child's future destructively. Over
the past few years, the results have been announced in the 
month of May. The third and fourth week is chosen as the term
of the optimal time for the announcement of the results and 
their publication.

How to Check Jharkhand JAC 10th Result 2017?

State Exam Exam Dates Result Date
Jharkhand 10th Class 16th Feb – 1st March 20th May 2017
Intermediate Exam 16th Feb – 7th March 20th May 2017
We expect JAC 10th results to come down to May 20, 2017, 
but this date can be different with the date of actual results
announced. We are informing you from time to time about all 
the latest news about the 10th result of Jharkhand Board.
As the result has been finalized, keep your entrance card 
easy. You can easily log in with your roll number and see 
your online final score, which will determine many things 
in your life.
Check JAC 10th Result 
If your results are not expected, then do not be frustrated,
 you can submit your papers for re-examination and you can 
work hard for the next two years and get marks that qualify 
you for your class 12 examinations. In addition, you can also
download a PDF file of your resultor print out the mark sheet
to use it for future reference.Immediately after online 
publication, your school will hand you over to Mark Sheets.

The more important your online market school is, the more 
important it is that your school has been printed. The most
 important document is your entry letter before your results
 are published. It's time you search for it again!
Your Jharkhand Matriculation Examination will be held till 
May 20. Keep the best of your entrance letter for each one 
of you and do not forget to log into Zarresulatus.Anani.in 
or http://Jack.Jharkhand.Gov.In/Rezult/ for your 2017 
matriculation results. .


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